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Birth doula support

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Your due date is approaching and you’re excitedly (and possibly a little nervously) waiting for welcoming your little one into the world.

During this time, I’ll patiently be waiting for your call and excitedly answer when my phone rings, no matter the time of day!

I’ll be there to support, empower and care for you as you give birth to your baby.

I’ll be with you the entire time (but I will also give you privacy if you feel you need it), and I’ll be there to hold space for you, to advocate for your wishes, preferences and birth intentions, and to support you and your partner in having a positive and enjoyable birth experience, in every way I can.

What all this means in practice will very much depend on you, your wishes, and what you feel comfortable with. But, to give you an idea, it can include anything from suggesting different birth positions and comfort measures, massage, acupressure, filling the birthing pool if you choose to have one, providing encouragement and reassurance, or even just keeping you and your partner well nourished and cared for. It can also include being a sounding board if you have to navigate any questions and decisions, and if you need support in advocating for your wishes and preferences.

I’ll also be there to support your birth partner in being an active birth companion, so they too have an empowering and positive birth experience.

Finally, I’ll be there to trust your ability to birth your baby, and to remind you that you got this!



At least 4 prenatal sessions to get to know each other, to share antenatal preparation and resources, and to discuss your birth intentions (lasting roughly 2-3h each)
Phone, text and email support during pregnancy (to answer any questions niggling at you and to offer emotional support)
Loan of books and signposting to resources as required, tailored to your interests, to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident and prepared
A place in my Preparing for Postpartum workshop
On call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your estimated date of birth (and that means 24/7) And if your baby is born before or after this period of time, I'll do my very best to be there for your birth
Loan of TENS machine
Support during the entire birth
At least 2 postnatal visits (lasting roughly 1.5-2h each), including bringing you homemade food
Phone, text and email support for the first 6 weeks with your baby
£ 1,100 - £1,500
(paid in instalments)
(Sliding scale depending on household income. Please see Notes on Pricing.)


If you're not in Scotland and you haven't found a doula local to you, you may perhaps wish to explore having remote birth doula support. This would include:
At least 2 prenatal sessions to get to know each other, to share antenatal preparation and resources, and to discuss your birth intentions (lasting roughly 2-3h each)
Phone, text and email support during pregnancy (to answer any questions niggling at you and to offer emotional support)
Signposting to resources as required, tailored to your interests, to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident and prepared
A place in my Preparing for Postpartum workshop
On call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your estimated date of birth (and that means 24/7)
Online support during the entire birth, by instant messaging, phone calls or video calls, including continuous video call streaming if wished
At least 1 online postnatal video call
Phone, text and email support for the first 6 weeks with your baby
£ 700 - £900
(paid in instalments)
(Sliding scale depending on household income. Please see Notes on Pricing.)


‘Sara at Nurturing Mothers has been the supporting pillar of our birth experience, providing care and expertise throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum of our son.

Before starting our fertility journey, I knew nothing about Doulas and was admittedly sceptical at first when my wife suggested hiring one for our first pregnancy. After learning more about the tremendously supporting role of a doula as well as the infinite patience and understanding from Sara, I was willing to give it a go, especially as it became quickly apparent that both the (future) mother and father need a lot of support and care which unfortunately is lacking in our modern society’s framework.

During the pregnancy, Sara provided us with a lot of practical tips to both manage and anticipate big and small milestones, including writing our both plans and preparing our place for a home birth. During the birth, Sara accompanied us from the very beginning till the lengthy happy ending. During postpartum, Sara has kept a continuous and caring communication channel with us, providing both support and an ear to our rollercoaster experience of being new parents.

I will eternally thank Sara for all her incredible support and continuous sharing of knowledge. The journey to get our family growing has been tough over a very long period of time, but definitely worth it, especially as I’m holding that amazing and heart melting baby in my arms ❤️❤️❤️’

‘Sara is a very gifted doula and, knowing her well on a personal level, I had no doubt that she would be the right choice for me and my family to support us in the birth of our second baby. While things did not go exactly according to plan (do they ever?!), our little girl made a very speedy entrance before Sara or any midwives arrived, the support Sara gave us immediately after the birth and the weeks thereafter was wonderful. While my husband and I sat on the floor with our baby in our arms processing what had just happened, Sara made sure we were fed, watered and looked after, while also giving us the sacred space we needed with our newborn. She even popped a cake in the oven and a pot of soup on the stove so we wouldn’t need to cook a meal later that day.
Sara’s nurturing nature and calming energy continued in the weeks after the birth, and her regular check-ins and listening ear were very much appreciated throughout.
Thank you Sara for joining us on this journey.’

‘We had an amazing experience with Sara as our doula. Throughout the whole journey — pregnancy, birth and post partum — she was a brilliant anchor, fount of knowledge, and a warm and kind presence. I genuinely don’t know how we would have managed without her support. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!

During pregnancy, Sara provided me with several resources about my options that I had never considered which completely changed my perspective on birth. We went for walks and she let me vent about various pregnancy symptoms and even helped me cook dinner for friends I had coming over!

At the birth, her presence was instantly calming. She was an invaluable to support to my husband — handling all of the food, drinks, water temperature, cold cloths etc so that he could just be by my side. She was also a true hero in liaising with the midwives to ensure my preferences were respected.

I’m the early weeks postpartum, she helped connect me with people who could support with breastfeeding, came round with food, and —once again— was just a kind listening ear.

I feel so grateful to have met her and to have had her by our side on this journey!!’

‘Sara’s support during and after my pregnancy with my baby has been invaluable. Her passion and dedication are inspiring and her sensitivity, empathy and thoughtfulness made us all feel securely held and supported during such an important transition for us as a family. She is a lovely person and a strong and intelligent woman, as well as an experienced and knowledgeable doula.

Her knowledge and capacity to hold in mind and really understand research and scientific evidence and, at the same time, to listen to the individual mother’s story and needs makes her a wonderful birth professional. She was absolutely key in helping me find my voice and my confidence to stand up for my self during difficult discussions with clinicians when planning my birth. Thanks to her advocacy and support, her honesty and her genuine belief in me, I was able to approach the day of my baby’s birth with a calm, confident and hopeful state of mind and this in turn had a very clear positive impact on my birth experience.

Sara is a fantastic doula and I am absolutely certain that her presence next to a family who is expecting their first, second or subsequent baby will make a real difference. If I ever had a third baby I would want Sara to be my doula.’

‘Wow where do I start….Sara was the BEST Doula we could have asked for!

When we first met Sara we knew straight away that we wanted her to be our doula. You can feel her warm energy as soon as you meet her. She did suggest that we take some time to decide and meet other doulas however we were so sure she was the right person that we asked her on the spot to be at the birth. I found being pregnant quite stressful at times, Sara was an amazing listener and made me feel seen. She went above and beyond and was always there to answer any questions. She was a great support for both myself and my partner.

My partner was also very grateful to have Sara at the birth. It made him feel much more confident and helped him find his role during the birth. Sara did not take over, she was able to suggest some things for him to support me during labour. We had a beautiful home birth in Sep 21. Sara seemed to know exactly what I needed at each moment. She is very intuitive and calming. She really helped make the experience so much easier and special.

I don’t feel like this review does her justice but she really is amazing! I’m so glad we got to share this experience with her. If I had another baby we would definitely want her as our Doula again!’

‘Sara was the first doula we have chatted with and I immediately felt so comfortable with her.

She listened to my story without any judgement and always knew when and what to say to validate my feelings and emotions and make me feel understood.

In preparation for our second baby’s birth Sara shared various sources to learn from as well as going out of her way to find information and answers to the specific questions I’ve asked. She has such a calm and confident attitude and her knowledge of pregnancy and birth is so strong, you can’t help but feel relaxed around her. When I had to face the pressure of the medical professionals she was right there by my side, taking over the conversation when I couldn’t, asking all the right questions and getting clear answers to help me make an informed decision. She was there for me every day in the last bit of waiting for baby, even past her on call time. Her support was invaluable at the time when I felt the most lost and struggled to cope. She knew exactly what I needed to hear in the difficult moments and kept me going and believing in myself, my body and my baby.

During the birth of my baby Sara was there every step of the way, working her magic seamlessly, making sure my husband and I were well supported and cared for. She was always available and always within hands reach when needed, while somehow keeping herself distanced and unnoticeable. I can safely say I could not have birthed my baby without her support, both practical and emotional. She whispered all the right things, she sang to me, she held me, she tied my hair, she communicated on my behalf and most importantly she believed in me and helped me believe that I can do it. She took such a weight off my husband’s shoulders too, we both will be forever grateful.

After birth she brought me tea and cake, tidied everything up, put the washing on and left us to start our new life. Thank you Sara, you truly are a birth fairy 💕’

‘Sara is the most amazing woman I know. She is so full of light and love that you can feel it miles away. I felt her warmth the first day we meet – even tough I had to be online! During my wait for my baby to come she was there to talk, calm me down and even bake a cake with me. She took care of me and my partner making us feel strong and positive during the birth. We would’ve never made it so calmly without her. Oh! And the amazing meal she brought us after our baby Miá was here. So delicious. Bottom line if you are looking for someone to be by your side during the most magical moment of your life you need a magical person like Sara!’

‘If I am truly honest I didn’t even know what a doula was before my partner suggested it but I have to say what a wonderful decision it was to have Sara be our Doula.

Just a truly amazing support network who was there for us every step of the way and full of useful tips and knowledge. She was especially supportive during Fernanda’s labour. I honestly don’t know how we would have done it without her. Not only is she an expert in all things child birth, from early pregnancy to pain management to aftercare and advice once baby was born, she even cooked for us, cleaned up and kept us organized in our birth. She was also great in reassuring Fernanda with any doubts she had.

We cannot thanks Sara enough for everything and if anyone is thinking of a doula then Sara is definitely the one. She is amazing 🙂 💜’

‘I cannot recommend Sara highly enough. Working with a doula was the best decision I could have made during my pregnancy, and Sara embodies a perfect blend of intelligence, warmth, intuition, and professional skill. As a first time mum without the support of family nearby, I was rather anxious about navigating the mental and physical aspects of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Sara is an extremely good listener and provided the space for me to feel heard, and also provided loads of information that made me feel empowered in navigating birth options, the relevant scientific research, etc. During pregnancy, I was particularly impressed with how Sara adapted her approach to my specific needs and choices; she never forced a particular approach or ‘system’ onto me, but rather provided me with all the resources necessary to make informed decisions about all aspects of the birthing process. I can’t imagine what my pregnancy and birth experience would have been like without her; it was absolutely invaluable to have someone talking me through all the details of everything, and (very importantly for me) working with my partner to advocate for my wishes and needs during the birth itself. Had she not been alongside me every step of the way, I don’t think my birth story would have been the magical and special one that it now is.

I should also say that while Sara is an extremely skilled and professional doula, her warmth and kindness set her apart. Pregnancy and birth can be very vulnerable times in a woman’s life, and being able to trust Sara with that vulnerability is something I’m so very grateful for. In everything from lending me books and birth resources, to connecting me with useful courses and support groups, to baking us banana bread and providing a couple (delicious!) meals after the birth, to teaching my husband how to support me in labour, to taking walks with me and just chatting…Sara really was the most wonderful support in one of the most significant times of my life.’

‘I chose Sara to be our doula after interviewing another doula as I felt like she would be more suited to our family. Sara was amazing from the start offering support with a wealth of knowledge on just about every topic to do with pregnancy and birth. I felt very safe with Sara and she would really go that extra mile for me if I just needed a chat and could text her anytime without feeling I was bothering her. She has such a caring and nurturing nature and all throughout my pregnancy she was with me in facing one of the most challenging times to have a baby. Sara is probably one of the most selfless and caring people I have ever met who does so much for others. My whole experience from pregnancy to the birth of second child was made so much better with the support and care of Sara, I only wish I had known about her for my first child.’

‘Sara is a wonderful, warm and caring person who is clearly passionate and genuine about her role as a doula. Sara is easy to talk to and was happy to help or provide information on any aspect of the pregnancy and birth. Sara’s support enabled me to feel confident about my birth preferences and prepared me for a positive birth experience in difficult times (during Covid-19 lockdown).’

‘We chose Sara as our doula after interviewing 4 others we felt like she was the right fit for us. She immediately made us feel like we were supported. I could always message her with any questions I had or if I wanted to call her up to discuss something, she was always there. She would bring us homemade cake, gluten free and vegan. She provided us with research on topics we had queries on and always gave us non bias information. She was a blessing to have with us during the birth (36 hour labour). My husband was able to rest for periods and I had Sara there to support me. I think it is so important to have a supportive female present during the birth. My husband felt very happy about having someone else there for me who he trusted. Sara was wonderful at talking with midwives and doctors, she always asked them for risk factors of certain interventions so I was informed to make my decisions. We would ask Sara to be our Doula a million times over, she was exactly what we wished we would experience from a doula and more!’

‘Sara is very knowledgeable and passionate with the doula work. She always let us see different perspectives and gave us space to think and make decisions. The journey has opened our eyes and changed our mindset about pregnancy and birth positively. We are very happy with her and Aurélie’s help and support throughout this journey. I would say every pregnant woman would benefit immensely with the support of a doula!’

‘Without our family nearby, engaging a doula was the best way to get the support and care we needed. Sara has been a fount of knowledge, offering us tangible advice, hands-on assistance and emotional support throughout. Dependable and always by our side, yet discreet and respectful, she has been a great source of comfort and reassurance. We highly recommend engaging Sara – she will be an invaluable companion to you.’


‘Having moved to Japan and finding out I was pregnant were a lot of emotions and changes to take in a short period of time! However as soon as I reached Sara she was immediately up to the challenge of being my Doula from the other side of the world! Sara made me feel confident about myself and was always available to answer all my questions and concerns during and after my pregnancy. Also had creative ideas in giving me and my husband tips to deal with labor and we always felt like she was with us during the entire process. Hoping that maybe for my next baby I’ll be able to have Sara physically next to me as well ❤’