Postnatal You

Postnatal doula support

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Your baby’s here! What wonderful and beautiful news! This is an exciting moment in your life, but it can also be a trying time as you and your baby will be learning your new rhythms and shared world, all whilst you recover and integrate your birth.

As such, I’ll be there to provide help with feeding baby, and also in keeping you nourished by providing you home-cooked meals. I’m also happy to look after older siblings, help with some light housework, and look after your baby as you try to catch some sleep, have a moment to yourself or simply have a shower.

I’ll share with you information and resources that might be relevant to you, empowering you in your first steps as a parent, while ensuring your new family is comfortable and cared for.

I will also sit and offer you the space and a listening ear as you process your birth story and all the emotions that come with postpartum. And I can also answer any questions or doubts that might cross your mind and heart.

See below for different ways in which I can support you in the postpartum period.


Regardless of whether or not I’m your birth doula, I’m always happy to support you and your baby in those first few weeks (or months). Postnatal support may include (but it’s not limited to):
Debriefing your birth story
Support with feeding
Cooking and baking for you and your family
Watching over your baby while you get some sleep, have a shower, go for a walk, etc.
Looking after older siblings
Signposting to useful information and resources
£ 20 - £25
Minimum duration per visit is 2 hours
(Sliding scale depending on household income. Please see Notes on Pricing.)


After your birth you may feel like you want to chat it through with somebody who will listen and understand. It's important to create space to process and digest such a momentous experience in your life, and I'm here to hold that space for you.
I will listen as you piece together and unfold your birth story, supporting you in processing any feelings and emotions that may arise, and without judgement.
This can be for you the mother/birthing parent only, for your birth partner only, and/or for the couple together.
These sessions can be in person or online.
£ 30 - £45
for 2 hours
(Sliding scale depending on household income. Please see Notes on Pricing.)

‘Sara is so kind and helpful. Not having family in Edinburgh it was scary to be going into parenthood without that support. But Sara was able to help us through the transition from pregnancy to parents, with great guidance and support. Also the silver cups as magic.

As someone with a planned c-section, I thought that I had missed the opportunity to get the support of a doula. However, without family in Scotland, it was really important for me to have some support post-birth. Sara was invaluable, her support and guidance helped us all bond as a family in the early days. I was able to ask all the small weird questions I had and get an informed response. I would highly recommend Sara if you want some support postpartum. The peace of mind it gave me was vital, it meant I could start my journey as a parent knowing someone was there if I needed them.’

‘I was lucky enough to have Sara as my post natal doula. She is just amazing. Her calming presence was a true blessing during the very difficult postpartum days. She is genuinely kind, empathetic, warm and sweet. It was very obvious that she genuinely cared for me and my family. She made us feel as if we knew each other for ages. Above it all, what I loved about Sara was that she taught me to trust myself and my intuition, something that I think is sadly lost in most people due to the overload of judgement surrounding motherhood. Thanks to her I feel a lot more confident with my mothering decisions. I recommend her 100%. ‘

‘Sara is amazing! She has been such a great support to our family as a postnatal doula. She has a warm, loving, calm energy which helped bring peace into our chaotic home. She is full of knowledge and has given me the strength and confidence I need to adjust to having two little ones.’

‘Sara started helping me when my baby was 10 weeks old. My husband works a late shift each week and so Sara came to help with bedtime. But she did so much more than that! She helped with the cooking, washing, tidying and most importantly was there as a fantastic support to me. I feel she instinctively knows what you need. She also has brilliant tips and advice on all sorts of things. Thank you Sara, we’ve loved having you in our lives this past year.’

‘I got in touch with Sara post birth during lockdown, we didn’t have family in the area and I was feeling quite isolated. Sara ended up supporting me for a couple of months post-natal during what were some tough months for me and she really was my lifeline. She has an incredibly calm and gentle manner, is always ready to listen and went over and above what I had expected from a doula. I felt she was very intuitive and adapted to whatever my needs and wishes were, often taking the initiative to help with things around the house and being a voice of reassurance when I doubted myself. She also happens to be a fantastic cook! It really made such a difference to me to have Sara visit each week and to know that there would be someone to chat to, help out and also make sure I was nourished! When you are beyond exhausted it is just wonderful to have someone who is looking out for your needs during that time, which often get forgotten in the chaos of a new baby. I would recommend Sara to any new mother, she is a wonderful support. Thank you Sara!’

‘The most valuable and important part of Sara’s support was her reassurance. I think this is undervalued for new mums! I found having her there to chat to, give gentle advice and reassure me as a new mother in the early days and during my fourth trimester was invaluable.’

‘I would highly recommend Sara as a doula. She has and continues to provide excellent post-natal support for us. With her kind, calm, confident manner, you are in safe hands – and she can’t offer to do enough for you as a family to help.’