Closing of the Bones

The Closing of the Bones is a beautiful ritual that originates from Mexico, though the practice of wrapping the mother (especially her pelvis and belly) after giving birth is also observed in many other parts of the world. This ceremony is commonly held following birth, but its healing and nurturing effects can be appreciated at other times in life, especially during periods of transition or after experiencing significant life events (for example after the grown children leave the home, after a divorce, after moving to a different country, etc.)

The ceremony aims to hold and honour you, the mother or birthing parent, helping you to recover and restore your energy after the intense experience of giving birth. It’s a celebration of your strength and an acknowledgment of your transition into a new phase of life.

What does it involve?

Different people perform this ceremony in different ways. In the tradition I was taught for this ritual, it involves five different and complementary parts:

  • Birth story debrief
  • Full body massage
  • Herbal “bath”
  • Sweating
  • Wrapping the mother or birthing parent

Birth story debrief

The night before the ceremony is held, I’ll come over to your home to sit with you and listen to your birth story, and to how your postpartum and transition into this new phase of life has been/was.

After that, together we’ll prepare a large herbal infusion that will be left to steep overnight in your home, to use the next day for the herbal “bath”.

Full body massage

On the day of the ceremony, we’ll start with a gentle, intuitive massage to relax and nurture the body that has done so much to grow and birth a baby.

Herbal “bath”

You will then be led to the bathroom where the warm herbal infusion that has been prepared the night before will poured slowly and progressively over you. During this time, there will be space and an invitation to voice any feelings that wish to come up – to use it as a release of anything that has been waiting to be heard and processed.


After the herbal “bath”, you will then wrapped in a number of towels and blankets to sweat, allowing your body to let go of toxins and the mind to purge anything that no longer serves.


The ritual then culminates in gently rocking and wrapping you using 7 scarves/shawls, covering the full body. The process starts from the head, moving down to the feet, symbolically “closing” the body that was “opened” during childbirth. It is a physical and symbolic closing of your period of gestation and birth, helping the body and spirit to heal and recover.


The Closing of the Bones is not just about physical recovery, but also emotional healing. It provides a safe space for you to feel nurtured and cared for, allowing you to express your feelings and emotions freely. It’s a time for you to be listened to and understood, to release any fears or anxieties, and to celebrate your amazing achievement and transformation.

This ceremony is a beautiful way to honour you, acknowledging your strength and resilience, and offering you the care and support you deserve. It can be a powerful and transformative experience, helping you to heal and transition into her new role with grace and empowerment.


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