Your Birth

Your due date is approaching and you’re excitedly (and possibly a little nervously) waiting for things to kick off.

I’ll be waiting for your call and excitedly answer when my phone rings, no matter the time! I’ll be there to support, empower and care for you as you give birth to your baby, regardless of where you chose to do it.

I’ll be with you the entire time (but I will also give you privacy if you feel you need it), and I’ll be there to hold space for you, to advocate for your wishes, preferences and birth intentions, and to support you and your partner in having a positive and enjoyable birth experience, in every way I can. What that means in practice will very much depend on you, your wishes, and what you feel comfortable with. But, as a taster, it can include anything from massage, acupressure, holding your hand, filling the birthing pool or even just keeping your partner and you well nourished and cared for. It can also include being a sounding board if you have to navigate any questions and decisions, and to remind you that you got this!

I’ll also be there to support your partner in being an active birth companion, so they too have an empowering and positive birth story to write about.