Prenatal You

So the stick test (and your cycle) says you're pregnant, and - between excited relatives, thrilled best friends and co-workers, doctors, nurses, and even helpful baristas - you find yourself in a world of questions, decisions to make, preparations, expectations and hopes.

It can all be a little overwhelming, so I’m here to help you prepare for meeting your new little one, and to remind you to enjoy and celebrate this moment in your life, whilst also ensuring you feel prepared. So, let’s put the kettle on and chat through your hopes and dreams for your birth and baby, and appease any concerns that may be niggling at you.

I’m here to answer any questions, point you in the direction of useful information, and support you in preparing your birth intentions or plan, so that you may feel calm and confident about the beautiful journey you’re on.

I’m also here to mark and honour your pregnancy, and your beautiful bump, and to support you in connecting to your changing body and to those around you. And to make you aware of the circle of support and care that’s around you and help you unlock it.