Doula Support during Social Distancing

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As we continue living through this period of isolation and social distancing, doulas everywhere are adapting to be able to provide support remotely, through phone and video calls, recordings of meditation and relaxation exercises, food deliveries, etc.

I've been spending quite a while adapting to being able to provide remote doula support, with the same level of care, energy and passion. I've had a number of prenatal calls, met couples who were looking for a doula over video call, hosted online pregnancy meetups, and this week I've supported my first birth remotely.

I much, much prefer to meet "my" families face to face, when we can share cups of tea, go for walks together, cook together, etc. But - much like sometimes birth throws a curve ball at us and we adapt, finding ways of tapping into pockets of positivity - we can adjust together to the changing world around us.

So, how can I help? How can I be of support to you?